What to Expect When Getting a Same-Day Crown

In the past, the traditional dental crown procedure always took two appointments. Not only was this inconvenient for patients with busy schedules, but it also meant having to wear a temporary crown while you waited for a third-party lab to make your permanent restoration. We’re proud to say that our dentist in Holly, MI, can make you a same-day crown so you can avoid the hassle.

Here’s what you expect during your appointment at Bandy Dental.

Same Day Crown Holly MI Dentist

Initial Consultation with Dr. Bandy

Not everyone is a candidate for a same-day crown. That’s why it’s important that you schedule an appointment with our Holly dentist as soon you notice something is wrong with your oral health. Dr. Bandy will be able to determine if the condition of your tooth warrants the use of a dental crown.

In general, Dr. Bandy may recommend a same-day crown to restore a tooth with deep decay or significant trauma. For teeth with less damage, he may recommend a less invasive procedure such as a filling. Each patient has different oral health needs, but you can be assured that Dr. Bandy will recommend the best course of treatment for your smile.

Tooth Preparation

If Dr. Bandy determines you’re a candidate for a same-day crown, he’ll need to prepare your tooth for the procedure. Since a crown covers the entire visible portion of your tooth above the gum line, Dr. Bandy will need to file down and shape the tooth to create an appropriate amount of space. That way, your tooth will be ready to receive the same-day dental crown.

Digital Impressions

Do you remember those trays filled with pink impression goop? These trays were uncomfortable and would often test the patient’s gag reflex. The good news is that we’re able to skip this outdated practice altogether by using a hand-held device to take highly accurate digital scans of your teeth.

From these digital dental impressions, Dr. Bandy will be able to design your new dental crown right in front of your eyes. He’ll also use a shade guide to ensure your crown is a perfect color-match to the rest of your smile.

Crown Fabrication

Once Dr. Bandy is done designing your new dental crown, he’ll send it to the milling machine in our office to be created. This machine will sculpt your new dental crown out of a block of tooth-colored ceramic.

When the machine is done crafting your new tooth crown, Dr. Bandy will ensure it’s the proper size, shape, and color. That way, your same-day dental crown will blend in and match the rest of your smile.

Dental Crown Placement

One of the main benefits of a same-day crown is that we’re able to plan and place it in one appointment. This means that you won’t have to deal with the hassle of having to return to our office for your permanent tooth restoration. Instead, Dr. Bandy will be able to cement your new tooth crown in place right away. He’ll also check your bite before you leave to ensure your new crown doesn’t interfere with your ability to chew.

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